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An Expert Concrete Floor Guide for Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is by far the most important aspect of the installation process for both applications refinishing and resurfacing applications on concrete floors. In this article, we will discuss the different ingredients to achieving proper concrete surface preparation.

A Beginners Guide to Concrete Surface Preparation

An Expert Concrete Floor Guide for Surface Preparation | Xtreme Polishing Systems

The process of concrete surface preparation is the beginning step for properly achieving beautiful surface refinishing, whether it be polished concrete, epoxy coatings, or decorative concrete finishes. The purpose of restoring the surface appearance of concrete by either using concrete treatments or a new protective coating application is the process referred to as surface preparation, or simply put surface prep.

Concrete surfaces are to be prepared to a specific profile to create an open-pore structure while removing any sharp edges, surface inconsistencies and protrusions, and any surface contaminants that could still be around. Projects typically require a personalized specification requirement for each surface preparation process.

Surface preparation will rid any surface of any of the following:

  • Pre-existing coatings
  • Surface bumps and imperfections
  • Residue and contaminants
  • Organic matter
  • Surface cracks
  • Oxidants

Remove Old Coatings

Surfaces that are going to be re-coated or refinished with treatment must first have all pre-existing coatings and surface applications removed completely. This removal avoids the result of future problems happening due to the application of new coatings and treatments, which may include failed layers, peeling, flaking, or bubbling. Coating removal tools are commonly used for this task, including diamond grinding cup wheels and grinding metals.

Remove Surface Contaminants like Chlorides, Acids, and Oils

Industrial settings contain various maintenance products like motor oil, grease, or other industrial-grade lubricants. Thus, it is no surprise that surfaces in environments that are industrial get exposed to such products. Although these products keep equipment working at maximum efficiency, they can adversely affect the surrounding substrate and/or the bond for any existing surface coating.

Concrete cleaners and degreasers are formulated to adequately clean and remove contamination from concrete surfaces. Finding the proper cleaner will cut your preparation time in half while reducing the spread of bacteria and ensuring you are healthy, safe, and protected.

Remove the Loose Parts of the Surface

An Expert Concrete Floor Guide for Surface Preparation | Xtreme Polishing Systems

Do not forget to completely remove parts of the substrate that are susceptible to flaking or crumbling before applying surface applications, or else it may fail. Removing loose parts of the substrate, from flaking paint to surface cracks, and even masonry byproducts that have broken away over time from their initial application can easily be achieved by using a high-performance concrete grinder and dust collector vacuum combination system.

Ensure that the Newly Prepared Concrete Surfaces are Dry

If applied when still not dry, surface applications will almost definitely have difficulties adhering to surfaces. Pinholes are bound to develop or even small holes could form when evaporation forms gasses that generate under the surface application. Aside from this, condensation on the bare surface can result in contamination build-up of bacteria flash corrosion, continuing to progress even under a newly applied coating.

  • Concrete Moisture and Mitigation Products - Our extensive product line includes the most effective moisture control products that are a cost-effective way of sealing concrete flooring to prevent moisture from damaging surface applications. For example, moisture vapor barrier products are specifically designed for controlling the moisture vapor emission rate from new or existing concrete slabs. Reducing or eliminating the passage of moisture vapor through porous concrete slabs allows for the safe installation of concrete flooring systems.

Profile the Surface Accurately

Accurately profiling surfaces almost always results in longer-lasting concrete finishes. Although variations depend on specifications, such as the needed amount or size of profile, test results have shown that nearly all surface applications that have been accurately profiled established the most effective applications. Re-profiling the substrate to meet certain specifications is a MUST when achieving the most ideal finished surfaces. One of the most preferred procedures for surface preparation is concrete grinding.

Concrete Grinding & Surface Prep Equipment

The polished concrete and floor coating industries have truly evolved with the most innovative developments of concrete surface prep equipment and machinery that’s constructed precisely for the purpose of transforming even the toughest concrete surfaces, with just a minimum investment.

Over time residents, manufacturers, institutes, retail, and many others have become quite resourceful in their business ventures by incorporating concrete flooring equipment into their investments because they are tailored to their specific trade needs for surface restoration and floor maintenance demands. This is so influential to your success and to impending business expenses which will save you a substantial amount of money forthcoming.

Conclusion: Shop Concrete Surface Prep Machinery

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