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A Thorough Understanding of Chemical Floor Hardeners and Densifiers

Concrete will become dull over time with the constant wear and tear. Removing and replacing the whole slab can be very time consuming and costly but luckily now it’s easier than ever to revive your concrete surfaces. Chemical floor densifying/ hardening agents are natural aggregates and organic concrete chemicals that hardens the surface of the floor providing wear resistance to concrete surfaces and extending the service life for industrial, commercial and residential settings.
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What Are Chemical Floor Hardeners?

Chemical floor hardeners, also known as concrete densifiers, are a chemical based liquid substance that is applied to concrete floors to drastically increase surface density, fill any excess pores and enhance the shine of the surface. This concrete floor hardener has a chemical reaction between calcium hydroxide and lime which is presented within the concrete to solidify the surface and create a sustainable floor surface that’s resistant to things like dirt, grime, stains etc. These inexpensive concrete hardeners/ densifiers have a very high demand in today’s concrete industry.

How Do You Apply Chemical Floor Hardeners/ Densifiers?

We recommend applying the chemical floor hardener after grinding your concrete slab with an 80 grit metal bonded diamond tool, you could wait to apply the chemical at a higher grit like 400 grit. First you must determine the degree of hardness in your concrete surface so you’ll be able to choose the proper tooling grit level. The MOH Hardness Kit is the ideal tool to find out the hardness of the concrete.