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A Complete Guide to Makita Angle Grinders

In the tool industry, angle grinders or hand grinders are portable power tools that are becoming increasingly popular. Fitted with the right disc, an angle grinder can replace various tools you may already own. However, angle grinders of low quality can burn out motors and damage the disk attachments.

If you are looking for an innovative power tool brand, then this guide is sure to fit your needs! In this article, we explore the many characteristics that make up hand-held angle grinders and discuss why Makita Angle Grinders are worth considering.

What are Common Uses for Angle Grinders?

A Complete Guide to Makita Angle Grinders | Xtreme Polishing Systems

Angle grinders are very versatile tools, capable of grinding metal, cutting tile, polishing, shaving, and many other things. Angle grinders come in different sizes and styles, including cordless and electric. Each serves a different purpose, depending on the application and the trade. A variety of angle grinder accessories can be used in conjunction with these tools to produce the desired result.

Angle grinders are suitable for a range of professional applications which includes the following:

  • Cutting: With the right cutting disc fitted, angle grinders spin at amazing speeds, so you can use them to cut pipes, metal, tile, concrete, and more. If you need to remove a section of tile, you can also use angle grinders for making plunge cuts.
  • Grinding: Metal, stone, or concrete can be ground down using angle grinders to shape it further or to smooth down the surface. Additionally, they provide a fast method for removing materials in many situations, such as smoothing new welds and removing grout and mortar.
  • Polishing: Thanks to their high RPM, polishing hard surfaces is made easier with angle grinders. Angle grinders are ideal for removing stubborn paint from many different hard surfaces and are useful for cleaning and polishing all-in-one.

The Makita Corporation of America

A Complete Guide to Makita Angle Grinders | Xtreme Polishing Systems

The Makita Corporation of America is part of a global network of products used on job sites around the world. Their product development team works closely with engineers on job sites to develop high-performance products that exceed the demands of the American contractor.

Their high-quality products and innovation make the Makita brand a top choice in the minds of its customers. Among Makita’s helpful accessories are angle grinders or hand grinders. In addition to offering a number of enhanced features with an incredibly fast RPM speed, Makita angle grinders are among the very best on the market. With this brand, you’ll find powerful motors and built-in high-voltage batteries designed to handle the extraordinary power of an angle grinder motor.

The brushless motor operated by Makita Angle Grinders contributes to their improved power and battery life. High power outputs and performance make these power tools popular for grinding and polishing. Other advantages of this type of equipment are their high capacity and efficiency. Makita Angle Grinders are commonly used to remove paint, rust from metal surfaces, and to cut or grind hard materials like concrete surfaces.

Makita’s unique tool features:

  • Built with a motor that delivers a standard frequency range of 8500 revolutions per minute.
  • Cutting and grinding tasks are controlled automatically through the speed control feature.
  • A thumb-activated switch improves the user experience since it stays in the ON position for a longer period.
  • Angle grinders from Makita are versatile tools that can be used for cutting, grinding, sharpening, carving, etc.
  • It is a smooth, finely tuned machine, which makes it extremely comfortable to use.
  • Both electricity and battery power models are available to consumers.
  • The tool attachments that go on this machine can withstand high temperatures without losing performance.
  • With a double-layer of insulation, the grinding unit is more secure.
  • Additionally, the gear system features a sophisticated gear system that can be changed by a shaft lock.
  • The Makita angle grinder is not only used in the mechanical and automobile industries, but also in civil engineering.
  • Among its unique features are a shaft lock to change the wheels, an ergonomic paddle design, as well as an advanced gear system with a key.

High-performance angle grinders at valuable prices


A Complete Guide to Makita Angle Grinders | Xtreme Polishing Systems


Makita angle grinders possess exceptional power and speed. While this brand may not be for everyone, you are assured of getting a powerful grinder if you decide to use it. High motor power and high RPM means superior performance when it comes to grinding and cutting.

Despite their popularity, cordless grinders do not always have a good reputation; battery failure and overheating are some of the most common issues. However, due to Lithium-ion batteries that operate at a high voltage Makita angle grinders have been designed to last longer. It goes without saying that Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries have the fastest charge times in their categories, so they spend more time working rather than sitting on the charger.

If you are looking for a cordless grinder, this brand is a must. Makita models certainly deliver what they promise, and this brand produces some of the best angle grinders on the market!

Advantages of Makita Angle Grinder over other brands

A Complete Guide to Makita Angle Grinders | Xtreme Polishing Systems

All things considered, Makita angle grinders provide many advantages including the following:

  • Machine weight – Makita angle grinder is around 5 to 6 pounds in weight and hence it is a pack of high power and durability. It is equipped with metal gear housing and a unique ball-bearing design.
  • Grinding speed – Usually, the speed of the Makita angle grinder is between 8500 to 12000 pm. It generally has a single-speed system, so it becomes difficult if the user is looking for a variable speed option.
  • High durability and usage – It comes with a right-cut wheel that is suitable for fabrication shops and job sites. They last for a longer time if taken good care of and used properly.
  • Ease of use – The lock-on switch is useful to prevent accidental triggers. Also, a Makita angle grinder is coupled with a wrench accessory to adjust the wheel guard.
  • Warranty – Makita brand offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Makita Product Distribution with Xtreme Polishing Systems

If you have been seeking a reliable source for high-speed angle grinders, Xtreme Polishing Systems is a global distributor of Makita hand grinding tools. Our premium quality product collection is used by professionals every day on the Jobsite at affordable prices. Listed below are a few popular items distributed by XPS:

  • Makita 5-inch Concrete Angle Grinder – The Makita 9565CV SJS High-Power Angle Grinder combines 13 AMP variable speed power with comfort and motor-protection features for longer-lasting stone grinding and polishing performance. This tool is engineered with Makita’s innovative SJS mechanical clutch system to protect the gears for longer tool life.
  • Makita Hand Grinder Package – Xtreme’s Makita Hand Grinder Package brings you high capacity, efficiency, and innovation to achieve heavy-duty tasks such as cutting concrete, metal, or stone. This package is known for its high-power outputs and capabilities, as well as its ability to grind and polish. Remove old coatings, rust, or paint, and cut or grind hard surfaces with Xtreme’s Makita Hand Grinder Package.

Final Thoughts

It is obvious that Makita manufactures quality and innovative cordless grinders, and is one of the top-tier brands of tools in general. This brand’s cutting and grinding procedures are sure to be simpler and more precise, without the limitations of an electrical cord, thanks to high-performance motors and batteries that are powered by advanced technology.

A number of important factors have to be considered when selecting the right tool for a job. Our hope is that by sharing some of our industry knowledge we can ensure that you have the ability to successfully choose the best quality hand grinder for your specific business needs!