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3 in 1 Concrete Grinding, Polishing and Edging Machine

Xtreme Polishing Systems understands the importance of having quality equipment and tooling to withstand all industry projects, big or small, while completely transforming your concrete floors. That is one of the many reasons why we designed a versatile and revolutionary machine like the Concrete Genie Grinder to prevent costly repairs while guaranteeing you the ease of mind when working with concrete flooring.

The Infamous Concrete Floor Grinder and Polisher Genie

The best quality and lowest cost ‘3 in 1 Concrete Grinding, Polishing & Edging Machine’ on the market is the Concrete Genie Grinder, designed and manufactured by Xtreme Polishing Systems. The Concrete Genie Grinder is used to grind away imperfections, renovate and repair concrete flooring. It is specifically built for the professional contractor, to the highest standards and specifications on the market for grinding concrete.

With a machine like the Concrete Genie Grinder, you’ll be granted the ability to efficiently grind and cut the concrete, open up the pores of the surface and ultimately give it an aesthetic and uniformed look.

Dissecting the Flooring Machine

What makes the Concrete Genie Grinder so unique in this ever-changing market? One very crucial reason is the machine’s unique magnetic plate system. It is designed to go 3/4 inches away from either side and the top of the machine. The morflex coupler system also gives enough flexibility to reach even the toughest spots on concrete flooring. Magnetic plates can be easily removed within seconds when they need to be replaced. Other cheaper versions of magnetic plates are available on the market but typically have more complications.

Our selection of trapezoid tooling attaches directly to our magnetic plate system and is considered to be some of the tallest segments on the market. They measure 12mm x 12mm, cheaper traps will typically range from 7mm x 7mm to 10mm x 10mm. The magnetic plates are specially designed to work with virtually all brands on the market including PCD's, grinding metals, and pucks and they are strong enough to run full speed.

The single-phase, 220V Concrete Genie Grinder is so ideal for residential floors and even some small commercial projects. You simply plug the machine into any single-phase power source like your standard washer or dryer machine outlets, hot water heater outlet, or 30-amp breaker box. The Concrete Genie Grinder also comes with a one-year, bumper to bumper warranty. Some other distinct features of the Concrete Genie Grinder are the easy handles used for moving the machine around the job site.

This machine also comes equipped with an electronic leveling device to determine when you’re leveled on the floor’s surface. The water tank holds 9 gallons of water, with the water control dispenser used to control the amount of water you need for the concrete. You can easily access and add more water to the machine.

Resources, Guidance, and Support | Xtreme Polishing Systems

At Xtreme Polishing Systems, our team of experts understands that concrete can variate in properties, therefore each slab must be treated differently. We also know how common it is for those unforeseen complications to occur after hours while still on the job site. It is crucial to have immediate support for achieving beautiful concrete finishes.

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a do-it-yourself type of person, our top-of-the-line concrete product supply and industry expertise are available to anyone. Our pros are here to discuss all your project concerns to assist you every step of the way, from START to FINISH.

Questions? We would love to hear them! Our professionals are readily available to answer all your questions and to provide you with concrete knowledge and industry expertise in the overall preparation and completion of a concrete floor project. Shop Online or Call (877) 958-5732 for all your concrete flooring needs!