SPARTACOTE GRIP Traction Additive - Xtreme Polishing Systems
SPARTACOTE GRIP Traction Additive - Xtreme Polishing Systems

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SPARTACOTE GRIP Traction Additive

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Mesh Size:100'


SPARTACOTE GRIP Traction Additive is commonly used to increase traction coefficient because it's a lightweight pulverized resin that can be dispersed and suspended evenly directly into coatings or broadcast. As a result, this additive offers a viable alternative to heavy aluminum aggregates. SPARTACOTE GRIP Traction Additive adds flexibility and traction to SPARTACOTE FLEX polyaspartic concrete floor coatings and is designed to be used in both clear and pigmented SPARTACOTE FLEX finishes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight: Suspends evenly into topcoats
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Enhances the traction coefficient of flooring systems
  • Maintains finish and clarity
  • Resistance to a range of industrial chemicals
  • Available in three mesh sizes: 40, 60, and 100

It is recommended to add SPARTACOTE GRIP Traction Additive at a rate of 2 to 3 oz (59.1 - 88.7 mL) per gallon (3.8 L). Depending on the application, added loads may increase. There are 3 mesh sizes available for this material: 40 mesh (largest), 60 mesh (second largest), and 100 mesh (smallest).

Applications: Resinous Flooring Healthcare Facilities Refrigerator Rooms Retail Flooring Exterior Balconies High Traffic Settings Veterinary Hospitals Educational Centers Flooring Options for Stairs



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