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Formula One Concrete Stain - Xtreme Polishing Systems

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Formula One Concrete Stain

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Formula One Concrete Stain



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Liquid Concrete Dye Concentrate

A penetrating, translucent dye concentrate designed to color interior concrete surfaces prior to being sealed, densified, or polished. SCOFIELD Formula One Liquid Concrete Dye is a solvent-soluble dye for coloring interior concrete surfaces. Designed for easy job-site dilution with acetone, the diluted material will penetrate into the pores of properly prepared new or old concrete. It can be applied lightly to gently tone surfaces or applied heavily to develop deep colors. Variations in application technique and topcoat selection can produce color effects that range from rich paint-like jewel tones to light variegated natural effects. SCOFIELD Formula One Liquid Concrete Dye is not designed as a stand-alone floor finish. After application, it must be locked into the concrete with a premium concrete densifier prior to polishing, or sealed with a protective coating.

Features & Benefits:

  • Quick-dry formula minimizes job delays.
  • VOC exempt carrier allows for immediate dilution in acetone or alcohol blend.
  • Resistant to color bleed from water-based sealers & topcoats.
  • Small packaged concentrate for easy storage.

There are many advantages to using Sika Decorative Concrete in a project, with beauty, cost, and durability among them. The versatility of decorative concrete makes it an excellent choice: it can be smooth, textured, patterned, exposed, etched, colored, stained, polished, horizontal, vertical, and poured into curvilinear forms. Sika offers a complete menu of engineered decorative concrete coloring, texturing, refurbishment, and performance systems that bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetics, allowing architects, specifiers, contractors, and homeowners to achieve both performance goals and design intent. We™re changing the way the world looks at concrete.

Use SCOFIELD Formula One Liquid Concrete Dye to create the colored ground and polished concrete floors, or dyed and sealed concrete floors. Use to color to interior new or old concrete, overlay, or other cementitious surfaces where moisture is not expected. Ideal for floors, walls, ramps, countertops, and other concrete objects that will be polished or coated with clear protective sealers.



Xtreme Polishing Systems offers a wide range of materials for surface preparation, concrete floor grinding and polishing machines, decorative concrete, and epoxy resin supplies for all industrial, commercial and residential flooring needs. We provide a full product line of professional concrete and epoxy supplies, flooring equipment, and building materials for projects big and small.