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Polished Concrete Densifier - Rockhard PCD 1 Gal.

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Polished Concrete Densifier - Rockhard PCD 1 Gal.


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Polished Crystal Densifier is an industry-first, burnishable densifier. This single-component Sio2 spray-down, sol-gel-based quartz polymer densifies concrete. At the same time, a polishable, crystal-clear quartz-mineral barrier layer is chemically fused into and on top of the concrete.

Simply put, this Polished Concrete Densifier densifies and hardens concrete. Installers can skip the resin grinding step in polishing and move on to burnishing for a gleaming mirror finish. This revolutionary solution simplifies concrete polishing and eliminates 50% or more of the labor and time previously required.

As part of a one-day polish system: Step 1 is a densify and polish step using Polished Concrete Densifier (PCD); Step 2 is a Guard using Polished Concrete Sealer (PCS) that protects from food and drink acids/stains and can be continuously burnished. PCD is applied directly to 100 transitional profile concrete and then burnished with up to a 3000-grit diamond pad one hour after application. Using the one-day polish system, 1 crew of 2 people with 1 burnisher can polish approximately 2000 square feet of 100 transitional profile concrete to 3000 grit per hour.

Features and Benefits

  • Sol-Gel based SiO2 densifier
  • Spray on to 100 transitional finish
  • Skip all resins & go straight to burnish
  • Burnish 1 hour after Crystal Densifier application
  • Burnish with up to 3000 grit diamond pad
  • Instantly create mirror finish polish
  • Match spec to correlating burnish pad, i.e. 400 grit spec = burnish with 400 grit diamond pad


  • Polished Concrete: PCD is the fastest way to create beautiful, mirror-finish polished concrete.
  • Chemical Resistant Polish: Unlike regular polished concrete, PCD creates stain protection that far exceeds the traditional method's performance.
  • Aesthetic Longevity: Protect with Polished Concrete Sealer (PCS) to provide extra high-performance protection against stains while preserving and maintaining shine.



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