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Rockhard Fusion Primer

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Fast-Drying Adhesive Primer

Rockhard Fusion Primer is a fast-drying adhesion primer with a thin sol-gel-based that functions as an inter-coat adhesion primer or direct substrate primer. An intercoat is the coat that sits between the substrate and top coat, or between any two coats.

Rockhard Fusion Primer is a new and innovative product that creates a molecular bridge between a coating and the substrate, chemically fusing the substrate and top coat. This very fast-drying primer serves as an adhesion layer between coating and substrate, or between two coatings on surfaces like concrete, wood, aluminum, and more.

Features & Benefits:

  • UV stable and virtually invisible
  • Removes the need to sand or mechanically abrade substrates or coatings before top coating
  • Provides strong bonding to the hard-to-bond or low/no profile surfaces
  • 90-minute overcoat window. If the window is missed, run a screen or light abrasion and reapply
  • It provides Covalent bonding at a molecular level and becomes one with the surface they are applied to and creates a superior barrier
  • Can be used on almost any substrate – concrete, steel, stones, tiles, glass
  • Penetrate the surface of the substrate

Rockhard Fusion Primer is compatible with a wide variety of surfaces and chemically compatible with many types of coatings. However, please keep in mind that water-based coatings are not compatible with top coats. When used on concrete, as long as the substrate is clean and free of bond breakers such as oils, greases, etc., no surface profiling is needed to achieve a strong chemical bond to the surface.

*Due to the high-VOC contents, gas emissions could affect air quality for indoor applications so be sure to take extra precautions when installing this coating system.

Applications: use on painted or unpainted iron; aluminum, copper, and other metals; hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel; powder coated and galvanized surfaces; concrete, wood, rubber, plastic, fiberglass, and glass.



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