Perfect Trac Concrete Saw  | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Perfect Trac Concrete Saw  | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Perfect Trac Concrete Saw  | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Perfect Trac Concrete Saw  | Xtreme Polishing Systems

Perfect Trac

Perfect Trac Concrete Joint Saw

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7-inch Concrete Joint Saw

The Perfect Trac is a revolutionary concrete saw that is changing the way we cut concrete. Built with a solid aluminum design that is not only durable, but it is also lightweight helps with transporting and maneuvering the saw. The low center of gravity and weight-driven design provides less vibration, cleaner cuts and little-to-no chipping in the concrete. Replacing the motor is a breeze with the interchangeable motor design. Instead of having to buy a new saw or pay for expensive repairs, the Perfect Trac allows you to swap in a new motor at a fraction of the cost.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple Controls - Control the Perfect Trac saw with the squeeze of your hand.
  • Balanced Weights - Front end weights provide stability and reduce vibration when cutting.
  • Soft Wheels - The soft wheels allow for smooth cuts by reducing vibration.
  • Adjustable Handle - Adjustable 4-way handle allows various heights for comfortable cutting.
  • Pointer Guide - Snap a chalk line and use the pointer guide to make straight cuts every time.
  • Vacuum Attachment - A standard vacuum may be attached to reduce any dust when cutting.

Perfect Trac has a dust collection manifold that allows the blade temperatures to stay cooler while removing polyurea. The result is the polyurea comes out as a fine powder which can be extracted easily with an attached vacuum. Without this technology, a hotter blade will melt the polyurea, clog the blade and the polyurea will become difficult to remove.



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