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Mammoth Concrete Floor Grinder

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Mammoth Concrete Floor Grinder


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Floor Grinding and Polishing Machine

If you have been seeking a next-level powerhouse concrete floor refinishing machine with substantial performance rates, then Xtreme's Mammoth Floor Grinder and Polisher is the ideal concrete unit for you and all your considerable project size requirements. This concrete floor machine is absolutely superior in the market for effective grinding and polishing concrete surfaces at degrees that are extravagant, to say the least. This robust grinding and polishing machine delivers superb production rates that are built to last! The Mammoth Concrete Floor Grinder and Polisher is designed precisely for larger-scale projects that involve applications for refinishing, resurfacing, and preparing concrete and terrazzo surfaces.

 ergonomic model design of the Mammoth Floor Grinder and Polisher is influential and efficient so operations are not strenuous, to say the least. This provides users the flexibility to deliver exceptional performance every single time it's being operated. The Mammoth uses all gear rotation modes and high-power motors, making the machine reliable and its grind forceful. The machine's revolution leads four grinding heads running in different directions, effectively offsetting the traction between the grinding heads to make users' operation smooth, easy as well as productive. The work area between each head enhances the pads to effectively run the operation. The grinding heads, also referred to as magnetic plates attach directly to the bottom of the machine. Xtreme's grinding discs allow for easy handling when changing or assembling tools. With a simple touch, the tools are fitted in custom cuts, and with just a light push, they are in place.

The Mammoth is an integrated concrete floor grinding and polishing machine that uses an all-gear rotation mode and is built with high-power motors. This innovative concrete refinishing machine is most commonly used for applications for grinding, polishing, leveling, smoothing, cleaning and repairing the topical surface of concrete and terrazzo floors. The three-phase, 220V power source is vigorous with its speed abilities reaching 1200 RPM. The machine's revolution leads the four magnetic grinding heads to run in opposite directions to effectively offset the traction between each head, ultimately making the users' operation smooth, productive, and straightforward. Also, the working area between each grinding head helps enhance the attached concrete tooling so they continuously run much more efficiently throughout the operation. The aluminum alloy gearbox also provides extreme stability and reliability for contractors who work tirelessly in the field, day in and day out. Once these elements are combined it creates an aggressive piece of equipment that is very sustainable.



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