Hum-B Edge Grinder  | Xtreme Polishing Systems
Hum-B Edge Grinder  | Xtreme Polishing Systems

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Hum-B Edge Grinder

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Concrete Edge Grinder

The Hum-B can cover more square footage in less time, with less effort while focusing on comfort. The ergonomic design allows the user to work standing upright. Getting them up off of their knees reduces fatigue, backaches, and job site injuries. The Hum-B is ideal for concrete, terrazzo, stone, and removing paint, thin set, adhesives, VCT, mastic, and epoxy. The Hum-B is the only edge grinder with the patented Dust Grabber shroud. 

Features & Benefits

  • The Hum-B’s handle design gives you great control over the grinder while letting you stand up to work. The thumb lever on the back of the unit even lets you tilt the grinder for more spots that require a more aggressive attack.
  • Getting up close and personal with the wall is no problem with the Dust Grabber. Whether it’s mounted on the Hum-B Grinder or used Handheld you can get as close as 1/8″ away from the wall. 
  • The patented seal design creates a vortex of air around the edge of the shroud, eliminating suction lock and allowing the grinder to float across the surface like a puck on ice. The ease of use doesn’t affect the dust collection, the shroud can still capture up to 99% of the dust. The patented polymer seal can be easily replaced without removing any other parts.
  • The quality gas-filled shock on the Hum-B ensures that the grinder stays parallel to the surface being worked. This allows the grinder to float across the surface and avoid gouging.

The Hum-B Edge Grinder is the only surface grinder equipped with the patented dust grabber dustless shroud. The Dust Grabber allows the Hum-B to float across the surface without creating a suction lock to slow you down. The replaceable polymer seals are quick and easy to replace and do not require the diamond wheel or shroud to be removed. In less than a minute the seal is replaced and you are back on the job.



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