SPARTACOTE Flex XPL Polyaspartic Coating | Xtreme Polishing Systems
SPARTACOTE FLEX XPL Polyaspartic Coating | Xtreme Polishing Systems


SPARTACOTE FLEX XPL Polyaspartic Coating

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Polyaspartic Coating for Decorative and Protective Applications

SPARTACOTE FLEX XPL is a high solids, low VOC, and minimal odor polyaspartic coating for both decorative and protective applications. With higher solids, a lower VOC, and a minimal odor, SPARTACOTE FLEX XPL is an ideal polyaspartic coating for both decorative and protective applications. Brush, roller, squeegee, or SPARTACOTE Resin Broom can be used to apply single or multiple coats. The coating can be utilized in seamless multi-build resinous flooring systems such as SPARTACOTE® GUARD, SPARTACOTE® CHIP, SPARTACOTE® QUARTZ, and SPARTACOTE® METALLIC with a variety of substrates including concrete, metal/steel, and epoxy.


  • Walk-on in 4 hours
  • Low VOC
  • UV Stable; retains optical clarity of clear sealer/finish
  • 24-hour return to service
  • Extended working time
  • Good chemical and abrasion resistance

With SPARTACOTE FLEX XPL, you will get the perfect combination of impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance characteristics. High-traffic applications are suitable for this product. Among resinous flooring applications requiring minimal installation odor, this material is ideal as a primer, mid-coat, or clear topcoat sealer. The UV-stabilized nature of this material allows it to be used for both interior and exterior applications. You may tint it using SPARTACOTE Universal Pigments (a line of concentrated colorants compatible with all SPARTACOTE polyaspartic, epoxy, and urethane resins). Suitable substrates include concrete, metal, tile, SPARTACOTE Epoxy Floor Systems, SPARTACOTE Polyaspartic Floor Systems, and SPARTACOTE Urethane Cement Systems.



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