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A2000 Air Scrubber

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Commercial Air Cleaner

Husqvarna air scrubbers are truly unique and distinguishable from others on the market today. The reason for this uniqueness is simple: unlike competitive units, our air scrubbers are not designed using off-the-shelf components sourced from the HVAC industry. The Husqvarna A2000 Air Scrubber, in particular, is among the most advanced portable air cleaners available. It is certified to be used both as an air cleaner and a negative air machine.

Thanks to a reliable filter system and a design perfectly matched for operation with HEPA class H13 filters, tested and certified at an impressive efficiency rate of 99.99% at 0.3 microns, this air cleaner consistently delivers superior air quality. Whether dealing with concrete dust, fine sanding dust, or gypsum dust, it excels. It features two warning lights that indicate filter status, whether clogged or leaking.

Operating quietly at two speeds, it offers flexibility and performance. Additionally, its compact design and non-marking, lockable wheels make transportation a breeze, ensuring ease of movement and placement as needed.

Features and Benefits

  • A lightweight cabinet features a sturdy aluminum frame and metal locking casters.
  • A large filter area, combined with pre-separation, provides extended operation time with high efficiency.
  • The durable design has metal mesh that protects the filter area, making it easy to vacuum without damage.
  • A yellow light warns of a clogged filter, while a red light signals leaking filters.
  • The pre-filter, constructed from pleated polyester, captures larger dust particles before air enters the individually tested HEPA H13 filter, ensuring 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns.
  • An optional discharge manifold for circular air exhaust is available.
  • Its lightweight, compact design and transport handle make it easy to transport.



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