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Epoxy Wall Cove Base

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Wall Epoxy Cove Base

Easycove is a highly engineered cove base molding designed for the resinous flooring industry. It is easily coated and provides numerous benefits over traditional hand-troweled and existing cove moldings currently available.

Easycove Wall Coving can install thousands of linear feet in just a fraction of the time of traditional trowel down or precast cove bases. In addition, the one-of-a-kind no caulk lip bevel eliminates the need to finish caulk. Just adhere to the wall with our recommended adhesive and coat. Easycove wall coving can be mitered to any angle, and with the added feature of DoveLock interlocking bond channels, it can accommodate any inside or outside angle. Easycove‘s understanding of cove base in the resinous flooring industry, as well as its consumer’s sense of direction, has proved useful for meeting the demands for quality cove-based products in the resinous flooring industry.

Features & Benefits:

  • Will not support combustion.
  • Due to its patented design, it can be used in wet environments.
  • Provides a superior bond to the substrate when using Easycove adhesive

Easycove Wall Coving base corner replicates the unique DoveLock engineering to further encourage saving you time, reducing material usage, lowering labor costs, all while continuing to ease standard coving installations. The popular demand in this industry continues to express an interest in pre-formed corners, so Easycove has responded with newly developed cove corners.



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