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Baby Mammoth (3H) Grind & Polish Equipment Package

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Concrete Grinding and Polishing Package
For Medium-Sized Jobs

The Baby Mammoth 3 Head Floor Grinder Surface Preparation and Concrete Polishing Package was precisely formulated with an assortment of powerful concrete equipment, aggressive tooling, and flooring accessories that are specifically designed to simplify and assist with the process of adequately preparing your concrete surfaces.

The Baby Mammoth Floor Grinder machine revolution leads the magnetic grinding heads running in opposite directions to effectively offset the traction between each head, ultimately making the users' operation smooth, productive, and straightforward. Also, the working area between each grinding head helps enhance the attached concrete tooling so they continuously run much more efficiently throughout the operation. The aluminum alloy gearbox also provides extreme stability and reliability for contractors who work tirelessly in the field, day in and day out. Once all of these dynamic elements are combined, it creates a unit that is aggressive, yet very sustainable.

Xtreme Polishing Systems' Baby Mammoth (3H) Pro Surface Preparation and Concrete Polishing is ideal for concrete surface preparation and concrete polishing flooring jobs that are 6,000 sf. and under.




Xtreme Polishing Systems offers a wide range of materials for surface preparation, concrete floor grinding and polishing machines, decorative concrete, and epoxy resin supplies for all industrial, commercial and residential flooring needs. We provide a full product line of professional concrete and epoxy supplies, flooring equipment, and building materials for projects big and small.