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PSE Paver Sealer Enhancer

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Ameripolish PSE Water-based Paver Sealer Enhancer

Ameripolish PSE Paver Sealer Enhancer is a water-based, high-performance polymer that forms a breathable barrier that protects cementitious materials from salts, stains, dirt, oils, and moisture. It has been formulated to rejuvenate and enhance the original color of pavers and concrete replications while providing long-lasting weather protection against water penetration and UV degradation.

Features & Benefits:

  • The breathable barrier prevents staining and seals out moisture
  • Prevents staining and reduced maintenance
  • The non-yellowing finish will not peel, crack, blister, or blush
  • Environmentally safe, low VOCs
  • Easy application with a sprayer

Ameripolish PSE Paver Sealer helps protect surfaces from damaging weather conditions and will help prolong life by sealing out moisture, dirt, and salts season after season. The key to long-lasting beauty is to protect while not forming a film that can peel, crack or blister. Ameripolish PSE Paver Sealer does just that. It is the product to choose when sealing interlocking pavers, colored cementitious replications, stone, and other cement textured surfaces.

Common Applications: Sealing interlocking pavers, Colored cementitious replications, and Stone, and other cement textured surfaces



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