XPS concrete floor grinding and polishing training class. Packages for concrete grinder handheld and a hand held concrete grinder.

Peanut Mammoth Surface Prep Equipment Package

Concrete Grinding Equipment Package
For Medium-Sized Jobs

The Peanut Mammoth Floor Grinder Surface Preparation and Concrete Polishing Package were precisely formulated with an assortment of concrete equipment that's powerful, tooling that's aggressive, and flooring accessories specifically designed to simplify and assist with the process of adequately preparing your concrete surfaces.

This dynamic piece of equipment is solid, yet lightweight during operation, and overall this unit is extremely reliable in the field because it was built to last. The Peanut Mammoth Floor Grinder model is considered to be the smallest planetary model we have compared to the other models that are available throughout our patented line of XPS machinery.

Xtreme Polishing Systems' Peanut Mammoth Surface Preparation and Concrete Polishing Package is ideal for concrete surface preparation and concrete polishing flooring jobs that are 5,000 sf. and under.