Stenciling concrete floors is an inexpensive way to add style, hide imperfections or simply just create a lovely focal point in your home or business. Vinyl stencils for concrete flooring are vinyl cutouts forming a specific design, intricate patterns, shapes, numbers, or lettering. Vinyl stencils are merely placed on the designated surface area and once set in place, a concrete stain or dye is applied with an acetone pump sprayer to officially create the decorative effect. If you are doing an intricate design with multiple colors, then you will instead use application tools specifically designed for staining and dying and other decorative concrete applications. Once you have applied your stencil, simply add a layer of protection with a concrete sealing chemical. Concrete sealers are used to protect the concrete from surface damage, corrosion, and staining. Most concrete damage is caused by surface moisture intrusion so it is ideal that you apply a reliable concrete surface sealer.

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