A/C Ceramic Coating - Xtreme Polishing Systems
A/C Ceramic Coating - Xtreme Polishing Systems
A/C Ceramic Coating - Xtreme Polishing Systems

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A/C Ceramic Coating

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A/C Ceramic Coating


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A/C Ceramic Coating

Simix A/C Ceramic Coating is a non-film-forming, super-hard liquid glass that will never yellow, chip, peel or crack. Just like in glass, the primary ingredient in Simix is silica (sand). That is mixed with potassium and lithium, which are very conducive. Simix A/C Ceramic Coating conducts heat. It is not an insulator, like all other coil coating products on the market today


  • Coats all HVAC surfaces
  • Creates a high pH surface that fights the spread of viruses including coronaviruses and bacteria like Legionella
  • Lowers energy costs by 25% or more
  • Prevents microbes from attaching to an evaporator
  • Easy in-field application
  • Safe for people, pets, and plants

Air conditioners start losing efficiency the moment you install them. Tiny gaps are created by the expansion and contraction of the tubes and fins. Airborne corrosive particles and salt ions enter those microscopic gaps, corroding the unit and making it less efficient. Simix A/C Ceramic Coating fills in those microscopic gaps, leaving behind a smoother surface that improves heat transfer.

Common Applications: air conditioners, refrigeration, heat pumps, evaporator condenser coils, and cabinets.



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