One of the most effective ways to minimize safety hazards in any high-traffic establishment is by adding floor safety stickers. Xtreme's floor safety stickers are made from durable anti-slip vinyl material that helps create strong visual signals. Our floor safety stickers clearly identify areas where people can walk safely while helping them recognize the areas where heavy machinery may be operating to help them avoid a collision. Placing floor safety stickers helps to properly guide employees and clients so they remain protected from any potential dangers that may be caused by obstructed vision or directional confusion.

While most people may still believe floor safety stickers only go on floors inside a commercial facility, they can also be placed on platforms in construction sites. Signifying a steep ledge or a sudden drop-off means people are less likely to experience a dangerous fall. Falls caused by heights is one of the biggest risks in many warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and construction sites. When people are carrying items or otherwise have their vision hindered from seeing ahead of them, they can easily fall right off a ledge and get injured. Our floor safety signs and decals also help to direct the flow of traffic and may act as social distancing markers. It's very important to do all you can to make sure people avoid harm to ensure the safety of everyone. 

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