SCOFIELD LITHOCHROME Chemstain Concrete Stain  | Xtreme Polishing Systems
SCOFIELD LITHOCHROME Chemstain Concrete Stain  | Xtreme Polishing Systems

Sika Scofield

LITHOCHROME Chemstain Concrete Stain (Case Of 4)

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Chemical Acid Concrete Stain

LITHOCHROME Chemstain Classic Concrete Stain is a chemically reactive stain that etches and permanently colors cementitious surfaces with color effects that are variegated, mottled, and natural-looking. The application requires a complex multistep process and should only be attempted by experienced contractors and artisans. LITHOCHROME Chemstain Classic Concrete Stain can be left uncoated to simulate natural stone, or sealed with a polymeric topcoat to develop dramatic increases in color depth and intensity.

Sika Scofield’s LITHOCHROME Chemstain Classic Concrete Stain is a penetrative, reactive acid stain that chemically combines with cured concrete to produce permanent, variegated color effects. Colors can be used in combination or diluted for a wide variety of color effects.

Features and Benefits

  • The longevity of chemically stained concrete is superior in color durability and abrasion resistance to that of concrete surfaces coated with acrylic paints or stains.
  • They do not weather off quickly or delaminate.
  • Their chemical reaction to the concrete allows pigments to become embedded as part of the surface.
  • They will not fade, chip, crack, or peel.

There are many advantages to using Sika Decorative Concrete in a project, with beauty, cost, and durability among them. The versatility of decorative concrete makes it an excellent choice: it can be smooth, textured, patterned, exposed, etched, colored, stained, polished, horizontal, vertical, and poured into curvilinear forms. Sika offers a complete menu of engineered decorative concrete coloring, texturing, refurbishment, and performance systems that bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetics, allowing architects, specifiers, contractors, and homeowners to achieve both performance goals and design intent. We’re changing the way the world looks at concrete.

Where to use: Interior or exterior concrete surfaces, Vertical exterior concrete, Artificial rock and water features, Concrete products and countertops, and areas where an antiqued, variegated look is desired. Use to create permanent and uneven decorative artistic effects on interior or exterior cementitious hardscapes including floors, walls, stairs, ramps, pools, ponds, precast structural pieces, rock simulations, statues, or other concrete objects. Different stain and sealer combinations will develop very different visual effects. Low solids water-based sealers can be used to create concrete rock features that lose their commonplace appearance and assume a rich, natural beauty. High solids water-based or solvent-based acrylic, epoxy, or polyurethanes can be used to develop dramatic jewel tones made to look like polished marble, leather, metal, wet sand deposits, or richly stained wood.



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