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Cureseal-W Concrete Sealer

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Concrete Floor Sealer & Curing Compound

A Colorless Clear Concrete Curing Compound and Abrasion-Resistant Sealer for Interior or Exterior Concrete Surfaces. SCOFIELD Cureseal-W concrete floor sealer is a concrete curing compound and sealer that reduces moisture loss and seals surfaces with an abrasion and stain-resistant coating. Used during concrete placement, it reduces surface cracks and color variations caused by uneven drying and efflorescence that commonly occur in warm, windy, or dry environments. Use on existing concrete to add an abrasion and stain-resistant barrier that effectively seals, is dustproof, and prevents staining from common foods and chemicals.

When concrete is freshly placed, shaded areas or areas in the center of large slabs surface dry slower than those exposed to sunlight or closer to form edges. This uneven drying, along with common efflorescence, often causes color variations that are obvious. These differences are long-lasting and raise questions about the quality of the concrete placement. SCOFIELD Cureseal-W concrete floor sealer works to eliminate these problems and enables contractors to immediately deliver jobs that are uniform in color and appearance.

Features and Benefits

  • Low odor water-based formulation.
  • Self-Crosslinking resin system delivers superior stain, abrasion, and chemical resistance.
  • Exterior durable and UV light stable.
  • Apply by brush, roller, or spray.
  • Will not gum or spider-web in hot conditions.

There are many advantages to using Sika Decorative Concrete in a project, with beauty, cost, and durability among them. The versatility of decorative concrete makes it an excellent choice: it can be smooth, textured, patterned, exposed, etched, colored, stained, polished, horizontal, vertical, and poured into curvilinear forms. Sika offers a complete menu of engineered decorative concrete coloring, texturing, refurbishment, and performance systems that bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetics, allowing architects, specifiers, contractors, and homeowners to achieve both performance goals and design intent. We’re changing the way the world looks at concrete. Sika Scofield's Concrete Sealers protect the surface, enhance the appearance of colored concrete, and may provide protection against contamination and chemical attack by imparting a film-forming layer on the surface of the concrete. This protective layer also adds a measure of abrasion resistance to the concrete surface.

Usage: As a concrete curing compound to reduce cracking and efflorescence, Ideal for food courts, pools, entry and walkways, Abrasion-resistant topcoat over stains, and dyes, Seals in the color of antiquing stamp releases and stains, and Prevents dusting of new or aging concrete.



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