NSS Charger 2717 AB Floor Burnisher (27 in.)  | Xtreme Polishing Systems
NSS Charger 2717 AB Floor Burnisher (27 in.)  | Xtreme Polishing Systems
NSS Charger 2717 AB Floor Burnisher (27 in.)  | Xtreme Polishing Systems

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Charger 2717 AB Floor Burnisher

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27-inch Floor Burnishing Machine

The Charger 2717 walk-behind floor polisher delivers a superior shine by polishing the floor at a high speed with plenty of pad pressure. Use the Charger 2717 after scrubbing to restore the “wet-look” luster of your floor finish.

  • High performance. The Charger 2717 uses an optimal combination of speed and pressure to quickly restore the luster of the floor finish. The powerful motor on the Charger 2717 floor polisher is perfect for concrete polishing with diamond pads.

  • Clean operation. The Charger 2717 captures the floor finish powder created during polishing with the efficient Vac-Trac Dust Control System built into the pad motor shroud.

  • The electric advantage, low cost of ownership. Unlike propane burnishers, the Charger 2717 walk-behind floor polisher doesn’t need frequent maintenance. Save thousands of dollars of operating costs by avoiding propane fuel costs, oil changes, and other costly repairs.

Charger 2717 AB – Pad-assisted floor polisher. The pad motor is angled to help pull the machine forward. Battery burnishers get the job done without the environmental downside of propane burnishers. Quiet operation, no exhaust fumes, excellent dust collection, and lower energy costs.

  1. LED display shows the battery charge and displays diagnostic codes when service is needed.
  2. The onboard battery charger provides convenient recharging anytime, anywhere.
  3. The Vac-Trac Dust Control System collects 99.5% of dust to maintain indoor air quality.
  4. The durable powder-coated 12-gauge steel body is built for heavy-duty commercial use.
  5. The battery tray and drain permit quick clean-up in the event that battery acid spills inside the machine.
  6. The variable speed drive wheel makes the Charger 2717 DB extremely maneuverable.
  7. The Flexiwall shield surrounds the pad, preventing debris from entering the pad area.



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