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Innovatech 3000 XME Floor Scraper

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26-inch Floor Removal Machine

The extremely small, compact design of the Innovatech | 3000 XME makes for a very agile and productive machine. The zero-emissions battery-operated drive system does not compromise on power with a performance at least equal or better to other machines of a similar class. Zero-emission, ride-on floor scraper tool that performs better than any other battery option on the market. And with zero emissions, low noise, and no cables, this machine is capable of working in occupied areas with minimal disturbance.

Features & Benefits

  • Extremely high removal rates
  • Battery-powered; zero emissions
  • Built-in quick change swivel head design
  • Compact design for effective removal in small spaces
  • Quick change battery packs easily slide in and out of the machine
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Maintenance-free battery packs
  • Optional Tow behind the cart to hold extra battery packs and accessories
  • LED Headlight provides improved visibility for the operator
  • Built-in USB Charging port
  • Zero Emissions – safe for use in all indoor applications

The T3000 XME has all the power and capability needed to remove VCT, vinyl, carpet, and many other flooring materials in a compact and easy to maneuver design. The 26-inch-wide T3000 XME fits through any standard doorway and the hydraulically adjusted blade provides the versatility to remove all types of flooring material. Featuring a built-in swivel head and dual joystick operation, the Innovatech Terminator 3000 XME is extremely easy to operate and maneuver. If your company requires professionally built industrial strength equipment the Terminator T3000 XME is the correct choice.



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