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Medium-Scale Propane Grinding Machine

If you are familiar with this fast-growing industry and have been tirelessly looking for an innovative concrete floor preparation machine that is affordable in every respect, then the Baby Mammoth Propane Floor Grinder and Polisher is the machine for you! This propane refinishing machine is revolutionary in the market and quite superior with its overall ability to grind and polish concrete surfaces. Its lightweight design makes the machine easy to maneuver both on and off the Jobsite, and it also delivers production rates that are impressive, simply because this piece of equipment was built to last! The Baby Mammoth Propane is an average-size machine designed precisely for medium-size projects that involve applications for refinishing, resurfacing, and preparing concrete and terrazzo surfaces.

Features & Benefits:
  • V-Twin OHV Technology - Superior balance, low vibration, lower emissions, improved valve life, better fuel economy, and higher HP/Weight.
  • Advanced Debris Management - Keeps engine clean and cool for enhanced durability and performance.
  • Dura-Bore Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve - Withstands wear while providing improved oil control.
  • Full Pressure Lubrication w/ Spin-On Oil Filter - Cleans oil and protects engine components to ensure maximum lubrication and long life.
  • Centrally Located Oil Pump and Pickup - Faster priming and allows for a higher angle of operation.
  • Oil Cooler - Reduces oil temperature, improves lubrication, and extends oil change intervals.
  • Heavy-Duty Cylinder and Sump - Engine block designed to provide superior durability.
  • Durable Head & Valve Train Design - Valve and seat materials uniquely matched to run under the most severe conditions.
  • Automotive Grade Pistons with Forged Connection Rods - Lowers noise, vibration, oil consumption, emissions, and wear.
  • Forged Crankshaft - Incorporates heat-treated ball bearings to minimize friction and heat build-up.
  • Fire Ring Head Gaskets - Motorsports design maintains a seal of higher combustion pressures.
  • Five-Inch Centrifugal Multi-Stage Air Cleaner - Provides maximum engine protection, especially under dirty and dusty conditions.
  • Innovative Debris Chopper Fan - Excellent debris management and up to 30-degree cooler engine temperatures.
  • Industrial Grade Solenoid Shift Starter - Quick reliable starts.
  • Mechanical Compression Release - Smooth, easy starts, and an instant return to maximum power after starting.
  • Magnetron® Electronic Ignition - Quick dependable starts with no maintenance required.
  • Cooling Fin Inspection Panels - Enables quick debris inspection and cleaning.
  • Engineered Resin Blower Housing & Phase Modulated Flywheel Fan - Lowers noise level and improves sound quality.
By ergonomically designing an effective model, operations are not strenuous at all so it provides users with the flexibility to deliver exceptional performance every time it's used. The Baby Mammoth Propane machine is equipped with 4-heads, also referred to as magnetic plate adapters that attach directly to the bottom of the machine. Xtreme's grinding discs allow for easy handling when changing or assembling tools. With a simple touch, the tools are fitted in custom cuts, and with just a light push, they are in place. The machine's revolution leads the magnetic grinding heads running in opposite directions to effectively offset the traction between each head, ultimately making the users' operation smooth, productive, and straightforward.



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