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Hand Grinders for Surface Preparation

What Do Hand Grinders Do? Hand grinders are a fast solution for smoothing out inconsistencies on vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. Hand grinders are truly a one of a kind tool, especially for concrete edge work and smaller scale flooring projects. Contractors and DIYers do not always face large-scale projects so they need to be equipped with a tool that is powerful enough, yet still easy to maneuver into smaller spaces. What Makes Hand Grinders Most Useful? Typically, large floor grinders and floor polishers are used to prepare the surface of a concrete floor. However, investing in a robust tool like a hand-held grinder will save you time, money and haver your surface looking beautiful. Using a diamond impregnated grinding cup wheel or grinding disc, hand grinders are able to adequately profile a concrete surface. Being that hand grinders are a much smaller piece of tooling makes hand grinders ideal for concrete countertops and tabletops, residential floors, small garages, hallways, walkways and edge work. Hand-held Grinder Conclusion Hand grinders work effortlessly and are available in single speed and variable speed devices. Certain brand name hand grinders are designed with customizable speeds for high-gloss and fine grinding applications and are considered a reliable source in the concrete industry.
Hand-Held Grinders Their Purposes & Precautions | Xtreme Polishing Systems

Hand-Held Grinders Their Purposes & Precautions

Invented in 1954 by a German company, Ackermann + Schmitt, the hand grinder is a hand powered tool specifically built for grinding, polishing, or removing materials like glue, mastic or paint/coatings. This device is versatile with the multitude of accessories that fit on it, while being used for various purposes such as cutting tile, mortar, and pavers, material removal, and grinding/ polishing purposes.
Everything You Need To Know About Hand-Held Concrete Grinders | Xtreme Polishing Systems

Everything You Need To Know About Hand-Held Concrete Grinders

Hand Grinders are a handheld power tools used for several different purposes, such as cutting, grinding, polishing and edging. Also known an edge grinder, this motor driven tool drives a geared head at a right-angle where a disc (abrasive disc or a thinner cut-off disc) is mounted. With characteristics that are able to handle different discs and accessories makes this tool extremely versatile. Generally, a Hand-Held Concrete Grinder has an adjustable guard and a side-handle which is suitable for two-handed operations.



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