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The Simplest Ways to Maintain Your Concrete Floors

Concrete floors can suffer from neglect or negligence, resulting in unattractive damage and deterioration. While it does require some time and work, if done correctly, the maintenance process does not take long and ensures that your floors last a long time.  
XPS Blog - COVID-19 Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting Commercial Concrete Floors

COVID-19 Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting Commercial Concrete Floors

Hygiene practices around the world have forever changed due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic is requiring all facilities to take extra precautions against the virus to prevent further spreading the disease. Thorough cleaning of all surfaces within the workplace is highly advised even the flooring. In order to reduce the potential for virus transmission, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that floors are regularly cleaned and then disinfected with chemicals that can be used to control the virus. Businesses, facilities, and organizations everywhere have gained a sharp focus on implementing some of these major advancements in their routine sanitation practices to ensure that new and existing staff, as well as their clientele, are in a safe and clean working environment.
Concrete Floor Guide: How to Properly Clean and Maintain Polished Floors

Concrete Floor Guide: How to Properly Clean and Maintain Polished Floors

Polished concrete floors serve as a valuable addition to any space. Business owners and residents worldwide are seeking a flooring system that offers durability and design at a reasonable price. In this case, polished concrete floors are perfect for you. This flooring type guarantees long-term use without the need for frequent repairs as long as it gets installed properly and conventionally maintained.
The Difference Between Floor Buffers and Floor Burnishers

The Difference Between Floor Buffers and Floor Burnishers

Maintaining attractive and glossy floor surfaces undoubtedly require more maintenance than just sweeping and mopping. Hard floor surfaces may present a visibly clean appearance to the naked eye however, the dirt and grime that is not visible to us will build up over time so it is very important that you award your hard floors with a deeper surface clean. Floor buffing and floor burnishing are two different types of surface cleaning methods that were designed to efficiently clean, disinfect, and restore hard floor surfaces that endure constant wear and tear. Hard floors may consist of concrete, tile, laminate, hardwood, marble, and other types of hard flooring surfaces.
XPS Blog - How To Maintain A Safe and Sanitary Concrete Floor Surface

How To Maintain A Safe and Sanitary Concrete Floor Surface

Over the course of these past few months, life has drastically changed for all of us. The rapid spread of COVID-19 raised major concerns worldwide. However, we have learned together to accept and adapt to the unexpected changes that were inflicted on our routine lifestyles. As a result of those changes, we have been able to slow, maintain, and are ultimately aiming to prevent the further spread of dangerous respiratory diseases like COVID-19, to ensure your surroundings are safe, clean, and sanitary, regardless of being at work or being at home.
Residential and Commercial Concrete Floor Maintenance | Xtreme Polishing Systems

Residential and Commercial Concrete Floor Maintenance

Maintaining Residential Concrete Floors Concrete floors are a great option for residential, commercial, and industrial settings making it an extremely versatile flooring option. Concrete is very durable and displays a simplistic beauty to complement any atmosphere. Even with such durability, concrete floors still require maintenance in order to protect the surface and extend longevity.Fortunately for everyone, including those who have extremely busy schedules, these requirements are minimal for residential floors and are extremely simple to accomplish while also being cost-effective. When considering floor maintenance for your concrete surfaces, please remember that frequent maintenance is highly recommended for maximum results. A gentle approach like simply using a mop bucket, water, and a mild cleaner will help prevent costly repairs and keep your floors looking amazing. Maintaining Commercial And Industrial Concrete Floors Each surface will vary on frequency of maintenance depending on if there will be forklifts driven across the surface constantly or if it will experience heavy amounts of foot traffic. Typically, commercial and industrial floors receive frequent wear and tear from things like heavy pieces of equipment, employees and clients who are more likely to experience spills or stains. These busy environments can be easily maintained by investing in a floor burnishing machine or a floor scrubbing machine. Cleaning equipment is robust and specifically designed to adequately clean, buff and polish your floors surface. Also, applying a concrete sealer will aid in extending the longevity of your concrete surface, while providing your floors with a beautiful shine.
What is Coefficient of Friction | Xtreme Polishing Systems

What is Coefficient of Friction?

When asking 'What is Coefficient of Friction' in the concrete polishing industry, understand that Coefficient of Friction (COF) tests the slip resistance for accidents on any type of floor including commercial, industrial, and residential surfaces. Slip resistance is ideal for business owners and homeowners who need to prevent slips and falls on polished surfaces. When the flooring foundation is properly installed and cleaned, the final result will provide a safe and durable surface made to withstand heavy traffic in both wet and dry conditions.
How To Clean Your Concrete Floors | Xtreme Polishing Systems

How to Clean Your Concrete Floor Surfaces

Are you unsatisfied with the finish of your concrete floors? Are you wondering how to clean concrete floors, slabs or your countertops? Whether it be your patios, sidewalks, driveways or other floors, our professionals have the knowledge, experience and reliable products to bring your concrete floors back to life safely and naturally!
How To Clean A Concrete Patio | Xtreme Polishing Systems

How to Clean a Concrete Patio

There are plenty of answers to the question at hand: 'How To Clean A Concrete Patio'? Before the cleaning procedure has taken place, the fact that has to be taken into account is that no concrete patios can be treated equally. Over some time, due to regular use of concrete flooring, grows a layer of grime and dirt, mildew, or algae. The floors may have been ill-decorated with spills, oils, grease, and other stains. Maintaining a concrete patio is essential for environmental hygiene thus it has to be cleaned periodically.



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