How to Protect Your Concrete Floors | Xtreme Polishing Systems

How to Protect Your Concrete Floors

Understanding the Material Itself

Concrete is designed for any type of environment and offers an extensive list of advantages including being a cost effective solution for flooring and having extreme strength and durability. Protecting your concrete surface is vital in keeping your concrete floors safe from severe damage overtime. Our experts at Xtreme Polishing Systems understand that everyone has different preferences so we made sure to have a multitude protective solutions available for your concrete surfaces.

  • Concrete sealers are the simplest and most cost effective solutions when protecting and restoring your concrete floor. Concrete sealers protect your floors from heavy foot traffic and chemical spills.
  • An epoxy coating is an industrial-grade protective coating that is applied over your concrete floors once the concrete surface has been ground with a concrete floor grinder. Epoxy is an adhesive material that bonds to the concrete's surface creating an extremely durable floor or counter/ bar top. Epoxy can be applied as a clear coat which enhances the brightness of the surface. You may also incorporate color pigments or polyester glitter into the coating to create beautiful and mesmerizing designs that will appeal to even the pickiest clients.
  • Concrete dyes and acid stains can be used to tint the surface of the concrete which keeps the natural presence of the concrete while incorporating earth tone colors into the concrete.
  • A polyaspartic/ polyurethane topcoat is an exceptionally resilient floor coating that is UV resistant and displays an outstanding appearance. Flake systems are typically used in high traffic areas or garage floors. Flake systems can be broadcasted into a polyaspartic/ polyurethane top coating providing extra protection to your concrete floors.